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Established in the year 2002,Changzhou University Huaide College is an independent institute approved by China’s Ministry of Education and shares the premium teaching resources of the university. It locates in Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, which enjoys high reputation for her beautiful surroundings, booming economy, and profound sense of humanities. With strong capability in management, the college gradually molds the mainstream spirit of the campus, characterized by the core value of “responsibility”. Therefore, the youngsters hereby are guaranteed to have an idealized environment of humanities and education.

The college adheres to the socialistic principles of administration, with regard to social economic development and demands of the market. And the overall target is to cultivate high quality and applied talents for Jiangsu province and the developed areas of Yangtze Delta. There are 34 specialties in the school, covering 7 major subjects such as engineering, science, administration. In addition, the undergraduates on the campus amount to 6000. Huaide College persists in the notions of service education, first class teaching quality while general and professional knowledge is taken as the mainline of education. The management combines the undergraduate education for diploma with the training of comprehensive practical capability so that high quality, competitive, applied and advanced talents would pop out. Benefiting from the advantages of Changzhou University in term of the quintessential teaching faculty and superior facilities, the college has also built a stable team of teaching supervisors to strengthen teaching management and improve teaching quality. Given that credit system is adopted, students could finish school right after they get all the required credits and enjoy the same treatment as other students do in regular higher educational institutions. For those who are qualified for the bachelor’s degree and graduation, they will be awarded the diploma and the certificate of bachelor’s degree of Huaide College which are recognized and admitted by the Ministry of Education and printed by the national authorized institution altogether.

The college gives priority to the academic atmosphere with the guideline of “Maturity, Talent, Success” for the undergraduates. Campaigns to encourage planning of school work are launched under the instruction of “strict management, positive guiding”. Emphasis is also laid on the competitive edge of students and their individual development. Specifically, freshmen and sophomores are supposed to focus on “three basics and two capabilities”, which tends to reinforce basic knowledge, ability and good habits plus better spoken English and computer application capabilities. While on the other hand, juniors and seniors are advised to concentrate on “three specialties and two innovations”, literally the professional knowledge, techniques, and qualifications in addition to entrepreneurship and innovation ability. Besides that, the management tries to offer more opportunities and platforms for the students in every department, grade, and class to develop their basic ability and strong personal qualities. Over the years, various activities like lectures, scientific contests, humanities training, and social practice are being carried out. Students have the chance of being socially employed and would attend many campus cultural events. All in all, the graduates here have a bright future ahead and the college has successfully sent large numbers of popular talents to industries like oil, chemistry, mechanics, IT, and trading alongside the Shanghai-Nanjing railway and other developed areas.